Dusk and Dawn the two part of the same of coin , one provide pleasure other provides anxiety. The first feeling when we wake up early in the morning , we cannot forget to the mesmerizing the view of the sun and the little rays which captivate our attention in the half gloomy day. First, […]

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Cold War

Cold War , a war of ideological differences. It was a state of geo political tension which has created just after 2nd World war between superpowers from 1947 to 1991. Basically it was a fight amongst the ideology “Capitalism” and “Communism” , which created a two block in the world. Eastern Block –¬† USSR , […]

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Life, the perfect example of labyrinth which are basically unpredictable , never know what happens next. Sometime the things happens to us which are inexplicable ,even if we try hard to find answer for that but we never get .We see, how our economy is dynamic , everyday some technology is replace by new one. […]

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Development and it’s AfterMath

Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP) is a iconic dam buid on the Narmada river in Gujarat, in which foundation was laid by late former Prime Minister Nehru ji ,which takes approx 45 years to construct, and finally inaugrate by Modi ji on the auspicious occasion of his birthday. Every piece of development comes at a cost […]

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Industrial Revolution

Of the many things we see around today , do we ever think how these thinks come into existence , we see phone, internet , plane , cars , train etc helping in our daily life ,do we ever imagine what would happen if these things don’t come into existence . The main question around […]

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Inevitable War

I don’t know whether it’s correct to say that or not”Peace is a result of War”. The World Greatest War which first fought between Different Nation created an environment of terror, anxiety, humiliation.There is a bloodshed everywhere and surrounded by gruesome.The people experienced or witnessed mass starvation, bombings that turned cities to rubble, the Holocaust, […]

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Freedom of Ideology

“All differences in this world are of degree, and not of a kind because oneness is the secret of everything. “ “Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true” These are the immortal words of a¬†mercurial personality and outlook known for his decency, who put his thoughts in […]

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Courage and Honour

Just like every night, I was resting on my bed and suddenly a thought came to watching a movie, which is totally in different from Rest with all the ingredients(Love, Racism, Motivation). So I just google it in search of something different which change my taste, so I tried but didn’t found, finally, I found […]

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